Flow Rate Controller variable

Supply and return air safely in hand with only one controller.

With round flow rate controllers VRD, both constant and variable flow rate control are easy, including complete shut-off.
Can be used in contaminated / laden air depending on the design.
Control and regulation are achieved with external energy, either electric or pneumatic depending on the chosen design.
With two dampers for supply/return air control in parallel air ducts (e.g. hotel rooms).
With plug-in end pieces for a lip seal gasket to fit air ducts according to DIN EN 1506 or EN 13180.

  • Cost-saving design and low wiring expenses thanks to one compact controller being used for both supply and return air
  • Universally suitable for the attachment of various controller makes and combinations of controllers, sensors and actuators for specific applications too
  • Possible combination with spring return or high-speed drives
  • Available also as corrosion resistant Version.
  • Available both for dynamic (VRD-s) and static (VRD) differential pressure measurement


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