Flow Rate Controller variable
VRD active

Supply and return air safely in hand with only one controller. With LTG Map Control.

Variable flow rate controllers VRDactive are designed for supply pressure-independent control of constant or variable air flows. Complete shut-off is also possible.
Available with dynamic (VRDactive) or static (VRDactive-s) measuring principle.
Control and regulation are achieved with external energy (electric).
With two dampers for supply/return air control in parallel air ducts (e.g. hotel rooms)
The flow rate is measured and controlled based on set values, either on the air inlet side (air inlet side controlled ventilation) or on the air outlet side (air outlet side controlled ventilation). The other non-measured air flow is controlled synchronously because of the rigid mechanical connection between the two dampers.

  • Cost-saving design and low wiring expenses thanks to one compact controller being used for both supply and return air.
  • Highest measuring accuracy among all renowned measuring systems for small air flow rates thanks to LTG map control
  • Very short installation length, entryflow-insensitiv, very easy integration
  • High control ratio 1:10 (air speeds 1...10 m/s)
  • Also available with static differential pressure measurement - suitable for laboratories and hospitals

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LTG has long been a trailblazer in air technology and air-conditioning, and always one step ahead with its pioneering innovations.

Example: LTG Map Control - Differential pressure + Damper setting = Flow rate
Contrary to common measuring techniques, the differential pressure is not measured using an upstream element such as orifice plate or differential pressure sensor ... more

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