Flow rate controller variable
VRF vent

High precision with low pressure losses thanks to the LTG VenturiControl principle

Designed for supply pressure-independent control of constant or variable air flows in rectangular air lines of air-conditioning systems, including complete shut-off.
Control and regulation are achieved with external power supply, optionally electric or pneumatic.
Casing sections match the recommended sizes for rectangular air ducts according to DIN EN 1505. Thus, the largest possible air flow section may be selected even in case of limited installation conditions.

  • High control precision and significant energy-saving potential – flow-optimized two-stage nozzle with minimum pressure losses for high active pressures even with low air velocities
  • Universally suitable for attaching a variety of controller makes/components
  • Combination with spring return or fast-action drive units is possible
  • For dynamic (VRFvent) and static (VRFvent-s) measuring.
  • Easy setting option: also possible subsequently at the site, valve setting readable from the outside
  • Easy fitting using flanges with slots (or using slidable cage nuts in the insulated version)

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