ceiling Jet diffusers DSA / MSA

Perfect air-conditioning for top architectonic standards

  • Nearly invisible air diffuser element -  for both perforated drywall ceilings (DSA)
    and perforated metal ceilings (MSA)
  • Effective and draught-free ventilation of rooms with high degree of comfort
  • Space-saving thanks to low fitted height of 210 mm
  • Quick and easy to fit – simply place it into the support system of the design ceiling

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LTG AirPanel : The first invisible ceiling-mounted air diffuser!

The first invisible ceiling-mounted air diffuser for efficient ventilation and optimum comfort in rooms of all types is now available in the form of the "DSA AirPanel" ceiling air diffuser system, which consists of an attractive, visible Knauf air panel on the ceiling surface and an LTG AirPanel diffuser installed in the ceiling. Integrating the elements in this way means that except for the presence of a narrow gap, the ventilation element is practically unperceivable ... more

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