Swirl Diffuser DLA
ceiling Installation

As highly inductive spot diffusers, LTG swirl diffusers provide a targeted supply of fresh air not only to comfort areas like offices, shopping centres and restaurants, but also to highly sensitive work areas, such as laboratories.

Type DLA 7:     Application preferably in comfort areas (e. g. offices, meeting rooms)
Type DLA 8:     Application preferably in comfort areas with large volume rates (e. g. conference rooms, halls)
Type DLA 9:     Application preferably in areas with high thermal load and high air exchange rates (e. g. shopping centres, restaurants, laboratories)

  • Fresh air everywhere: Optimal, efficient 360-degree ventilation
  • Easy to operate: Easy flow rate control
  • Inexpensive to install: With central fastener up to an installation size of 625
  • Flexible: Factory preset swirl disk, fast and easy to adjust to changed room conditions
  • Low maintenance: Minimal cleaning necessary, depending on design
  • Choice of housings: Rectangular, pyramid (except for DLA 9) or cylindrical boxes. Pyramid boxes are stackable for low transport cost and reduced storage space on site

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