Special Diffuser BLQ
floor installation

The BLQ step diffuser ensures effective ventilation of large rooms and is especially suitable for cinemas, theatres or concert halls.

The design of the air diffuser has proven its worth, and it has already frequently been selected for use in conjunction with air diffusers integrated into steps, for example underneath theatre or concert hall seating. Designed specifically for installation in raised false floors.
BLQ is suitable for air supply from below a glazed facade, and can also be used, in case of low cooling loads or in combination with static cooling surfaces, for introducing necessary flow rate of conditioned fresh air to meet hygiene requirements.

  • Uniform air distribution even with large temperature differences
  • Discrete: Installation in step risers allows the outlet to harmonize with existing architecture
  • Colour scheme based on customer's individual choice, and available in any colour system, such as RAL, Pantone and many more. Custom designs (such as anodized or stainless steel) upon request.
  • Low-turbulence displacement air flow, great jet penetration depth

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