Special Diffuser LDR System clean
ceiling installation

From museum to showroom, from concert hall to mansion – anywhere attractive looks and high flexibility are required for airflow, the design diffuser is the right choice.

  • Comfortable :
    - rapid mixing of fresh air and room air through highly inductive multi-single-jet technology
    - uniform, ideal purging of the room with fresh air
  • Flexible: Individually configurable air flow depending on usage area
  • Low maintenance: Minimum contamination on the ceiling, thanks to LTG System clean
  • Limitless design possibilities – whether as a visible design element with straight or curved lines, or almost invisible: variable shape and colour available
  • A safe investment: Easy to adjust to changed room conditions
  • Varied flow configurations through adjustable components
  • Draught-free fresh air supply



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With its persuasive and innovative solutions, LTG is playing a major part in shaping developments in air-conditioning technology.

Example: LTG System clean – unique and ingenious!
Deposits in the vicinity of air diffusers and caused by substances in the room air such as tobacco smoke, grease, dust from carpets and photocopiers are almost completely prevented by LTG System clean ... more

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