Linear Diffuser LW module
sill installation

LTG's LWmodule linear diffuser for all installation is not only attractive in appearance, but also for outstanding efficiency.

Type LWKmodule : the diffuser combination provides both supply and return air diffusion in a single device
Type LWEmodule : custom design for supply or exhaust air only

  • Effective: Optimal ventilation always provides clean, fresh air
  • Quiet operation: Integrated sound absorber for high cross-talk sound attenuation
  • Flexible: Variable box shapes for different wall installation conditions – each easy to mount and easy to maintain
  • Individual: Tangential, mixed or displacement ventilation – completely based on individual needs and preferences
  • Low maintenance: Minimal staining of the adjacent surfaces, thanks to patented LTG System clean®
  • Variable design of plenum for any installation requirement. Suitable for single or line assembly
  • Fulfills highest requirements of noise protection
  • Modern design of diffusers – limitless options for design, color and surface appearance. With or without LTG System clean®

LTG has long been advancing the development of air-conditioning technology by its ground-breaking innovations.

Example: LTG System clean® – unique and ingenious!
Deposits in the vicinity of air diffusers and caused by substances in the room air such as tobacco smoke, grease, dust from carpets and photocopiers are almost completely prevented by LTG System clean® ... more

Example: LTG System SilentModule
The number of possible variants of air diffusers and  associated connection boxes is limitless, and the approach uneconomical. This is why we developed a modular system of outlets that makes it possible to combine the required technical characteristics for the project-specific requirements ... more



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