Linear Diffuser LDB 12 style
ceiling mounted

Linear Air Diffusers LDB 12style LTG System clean – a compelling blend of performance and appearance.

They supply rooms comfortably with fresh air.

  • Comfortable and quiet:
    - rapid mixing of supply air and room air by fanning out of the fresh air in highly inductive individual jets
    - even and optimum purging of the room with fresh air
    - low-noise air distribution by aerodynamically optimised internal contour of the outlet elements
  • Flexible: individually configurable air flow depending on application
  • Completely made from metal: additional safety concerning fire protection, vandalism and sustainability
  • Stable, individually configurable air flow at highest thermal comfort due to highly inductive single jets
  • LTG System clean prevents soiling close to the air diffuser
  • Narrow and unobtrusive – to meet highest architectural demands
  • Ideal also for railway technology and integration in system ceilings

LTG has long been setting standards in air-conditioning technology by its ground-breaking innovations.

Exemple: LTG System clean – unique and ingenious!
Deposits in the vicinity of air diffusers and caused by substances in the room air such as tobacco smoke, grease, dust from carpets and photocopiers are almost completely prevented by LTG System clean... more

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