Highlight at ISH 2019

Decentralised controls “LTG ConnectedIntelligence”
Ventilation on-demand even without building control systems

 With „LTG ConnectedIntelligence“, LTG offers a cost-effective and flexible automation solution for its air-water systems. The new concept based on decentralised measuring and control technology enables demand-oriented, room-specific ventilation and air conditioning independently of the building control system, as ConnectedIntelligence shifts the control tasks to the local level. The controllers contain product-optimised, verified control circuits for room temperature and indoor air quality as well as interfaces to common sensors and room control units. Communication within an air-conditioning zone takes place in the open Modbus protocol. This facilitates the implementation of networked, decentralised intelligence and future expansions. LTG ConnectedIntelligence is suitable for new buildings as well as for renovation projects. In all cases, investors benefit from low-cost hardware, easy installation and parameterisation, and comprehensive features for energy-efficient ventilation and temperature control of the premises. LTG ConnectedIntelligence will be available as of summer 2019.

LTG at ISH 2019 (March 11-15, Frankfurt am Main) in Hall 8.0, Booth D50

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