Wind Tunnel

LTG wind tunnel solutions are based on axial fans. Wind tunnels are particularly useful for acoustic vehicle analyses, tightness tests and quality tests thanks to their uniform air conditions, flexibility and low costs.
Before a new car leaves the factory, it has to be thoroughly checked for quality. Discovering defects accurately and quickly is no easy task for quality assurance departments. How can one be sure that the door seal in a new model won’t start to whistle on the highway? There is an economical and reliable alternative to test drives, which are expensive: testing in a wind tunnel. The advantages are clear: quick implementation, uniform air conditions, flexibility and low costs.
LTG has already designed a variety of wind tunnel solutions based on highly effective axial fans that achieve wind speeds of up to 160 km/h. The fans can be equipped with silencers in order not to interfere with sound measurements in the car.
It is also possible to park cars on turntables in order to test the effects of crosswind. LTG offers complete packages geared to specific requirements, with additional options such as height-adjustable nozzles, heating elements, test rig control units and safety systems. Even rain can be simulated.
Wouldn’t it be good to feel the breeze from LTG on your test rig? You can measure airstream noise at the touch of a button.

LTG Fahrtwind-Simulators with LTG axial-flow fan technology have the following advantages:

  • High efficiency of up to 89%
  • Low noise thanks to aerodynamically efficient impeller and housing contour
  • Optimum aerodynamic properties

LTG wind tunnel solutions are being successfully used in Germany, Hungary and Japan, where they perform regular quality assurance tasks.

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