Transport Systems

Whether by land, by water, by air or in outer space – however you travel, LTG products are on the job. LTG has a wealth of experience when it comes to transporting people and freight, whether by road, rail, air or water: air-conditioning solutions of LTG contribute to comfort of your passengers and ensure cooling of components and cargo.

LTG fans, air diffusers and air/water systems provide solutions for a wide range of tasks: comfortable air conditioning of passenger compartments, ship’s cabins and driver’s cabs; efficient cooling of drive units, brakes and electronic components; development of reliable systems for refrigerated transport. If you have a special task, like simulation of air currents, ask us about LTG’s engineering services. We’re even ready to go into outer space.

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Air is a critical factor in all means of transport. Take advantage of our Engineering Services; we can help.


Rail Transport

LTG offers products and solutions that are specially tailored to rail transport, such as slimlined and conspicuous air diffusers and highly efficient tangential fans – ideal for applications in rail-bound vehicles of all kinds: passenger and goods cars, trams, locomotives or people movers at airports.

Commercial Vehicles

LTG tangential fans are installed in trucks and buses throughout the world, ensuring excellent air circulation for goods and passengers.

Marine Travel and Transport

Climate conditions are very important on passenger and transport ships: passengers expect to be comfortable, and all machinery and equipment have to operate without any trouble.


Cool the brakes on aircraft running gear quickly and efficiently with the LTG Brake Cooling System (BCS). The compact LTG Brake Cooling System was developed specifically for cooling the brakes on aircraft running gear.

Space Travel

On 7 February 2008, the Atlantis Space Shuttle took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, with LTG technology on board. Its mission was to deliver the Columbus laboratory to the International Space Station (ISS).

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