Medical and Laboratory Technology

LTG offers a wide range of solutions for equipment used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, ranging from small analytical instruments to entire production systems or factories; our products are used by manufacturers of high-quality bandages, wound dressings, tamponades or plasters, medical gloves and dialysis products, with the materials including gauze, cellulose and nonwoven material. We also secure hygienic, controlled room air conditions in laboratories and research institutions.

Many production processes have very strict hygienic requirements. Other important requirements include waste avoidance, conservation of resources and recycling. All of these demands can be effectively met with filter solutions from LTG. They meet the highest standards, and by providing air with a low particle content they ensure absolutely clean production conditions. Moreover, they reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

As a high-tech company you have undoubtedly invested as much expertise in your production process as in the products themselves. When production processes become complex, we can help. Whether it’s a small device for lab research or an entire production system, we have a suitable air control solution. Our high-quality materials, including special steels, alloys and coatings, meet the highest quality standards. Our fans can withstand even the severest environmental conditions, such as extreme heat and cold.

Also laboratories and measuring rooms call for higher requirements on their HVAC system. The goal is: a secure operation of the lab with a dependable air handling, meeting hygienic and comfort requirements. At the same time it is supposed to be sustainable and provide a secure investment. LTG air distribution components contribute due to their high precision and airtightness.

LTG’s Engineering Services are also available to solve theoretical problems relating to your processes and HVAC concerns.

Laboratory Equipment

Precision, resistance to aggressive media and superior quality are critically important in work with laboratory and analytic instruments, especially in medical applications. If you need a custom solution, we recommend LTG fans, such as those with a tangential air flow, which deliver superior performance even in limited geometries.

Medical Textiles

Textiles are used for many different purposes in medicine and therefore must satisfy a wide range of requirements. Examples include first aid material, backing material for bandages, wound dressings and cloth slings. For all such materials, hygiene and quality are critically important.

Medical Dryers

Drying plays a very important role in manufacturing and coating processes for medical products, especially when webs or sheets are involved. What counts here is top quality, a reliable process and the largest possible production volume.

Comfort Air Technology

Controlled climatic ambient conditions in laboratories and research institutes not only ensure dependable and reproducible results, but are also essential due to statutory requirements: high standards apply here for safety, health protection and environmental conservation. This must also be assured by dependable regulation and shut-off of volumetric flows of air.

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