Poor concentration and reduced learning capacity in schools and educational institutions is a frequent problem. And no wonder: up to 30 pupils in one classroom require a high quantity of fresh air to ensure a healthy room climate. But in practice this can’t be achieved with mechanical (window) airing during the brief breaktime airing periods. Too much CO2, fine dust or vapours emanating from building materials and furniture result in a muggy atmosphere within minutes.
However, fresh air not only helps concentration but also costs a lot of energy: with conventional window airing, heat escapes to the outside, and after airing the cooled room air has to be warmed up again by the heating system. It also makes effective airing more difficult: energy-saving windows, safety aspects and outside noise or pollen counts are just some of the factors in play. It means that airing is restricted to periods that are too short for sufficient air exchange. The CO2 concentration therefore quickly passes 2000 ppm – a value at which German environmental agency recommendations require more extensive organisational, ventilation-related or structural measures.
LTG air/water systems have devised for these applications special decentralised facade ventilation units like the Univent FVS, which ensures fresh air while saving energy. Moreover, convenient and efficient LTG air diffusers and high-precision LTG components for air distribution are also used to achieve an effective air change and optimum air supply to the rooms.

An end to poor air in schools, universities or day-care centres – we help make it happen!
…using efficient LTG air-water systems and in particular the "fresh air maker" FVS Eco2School, a decentralised facade ventilation unit that always ensures the necessary air change by means of controlled and continuous ventilation yet saves on valuable heating energy at the same time:

  • Fresh air without draughts, without noise and 99% free of pollen and coarse dust
  • Highly efficient heat retrieval and very low power requirement
  • Plug-and-play solution for individualised control – controlled by time or CO2
  • Flexible version for ceiling and wall mounting, enclosed or visible
  • The ready-to-connect unit with integrated control offers city and local authorities with an economical and quick-to-implement solution for energy modernisation as well as for new schools, day-care centres, lecture halls and areas open to the public.

…with LTG air diffusers as highly inductive linear diffusers LDB (with LTG System clean for clean ceilings and walls).

…and with LTG air distribution components in round and angled design. Pressure controller DRE/F, flow rate controller VRE/D (also with LTG System ActiveControl  for high precision in a very small space) plus shut-off dampers and accessories ensure a perfectly functioning and energy-efficient air system even with low volumetric flows and can be easily integrated into the duct system thanks to their particularly compact design.

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Innovative air flows

  • LTG mixed/displacement ventilation: Builds on the benefits of displacement air ventilation to achieve high cooling capacities and excellent thermal comfort even in very deep rooms.
  • LTG System Indivent: Displacement air ventilation turned on its head: outstanding comfort thanks to a combination of mixed and displacement air ventilation delivered from the ceiling
  • LTG SmartFlow: Energy-efficient on-demand ventilation and optimised comfort thanks to the load-adaptive control of the induction ratio in induction units

Energy-efficient techniques

  • LTG demand-controlled ventilation: Active control from within the room of the required outside air volume and minimised energy costs for air conveyance and preparation.
  • LTG hybrid ventilation: Simple combination of mechanical and natural ventilation designed to minimise energy costs and increase the maximum available cooling capacity
  • LTG ActiveControl: Volume flow control with map-based control and minimal pressure loss. High precision, in particular in low volume flows.

Innovative product design

  • LTG System clean: In LDB linear air diffusers, a narrow air screen flows along the ceiling to prevent soiling and to minimise renovation and cleaning costs.
  • LTG SilentModule: A modular system for air boxes that can be adapted for use in different wall and ceiling structures and are pre-equipped with cross-talk sound attenuators.
  • LTG AirPanel: Invisible air outlet for integration into metal or plasterboard ceilings
  • LTG FVS Eco2School: The innovative complete system for school ventilation. An external air grille for supplied and return air, thermal comfort without secondary heating, plug-and-play
  • LTG PulseVentilation system: Decentralised and non-stationary air conditioning, cost-effectively implemented using one of the oldest concepts in the world: breathing.

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