It is in comfortable areas such as hotels and restaurants where expectations from air-conditioning are very high: the highest priority is the wellbeing of the guests – in particular their thermal and acoustic comfort. Depending on the place used – hotel room, lobby, conference room, spa area or restaurant – a variety of solutions make sense.
Pleasant, fresh air is intended to create a “feel-good climate” that has to be both without any draughts and noiseless. At the same time, however, economic and visual aspects have to be considered: minimised investment and operating costs are the goal of a hotel operator, while an architect requires the most inconspicuous and subdued air-conditioning components possible, to obtain a harmonious design concept.
Hotel guests want above all undisturbed sleep. A real innovation in LTG air/water systems for hotel rooms is therefore the use of induction technology, for example with the specially developed ceiling ­induction concept LTG SilentSuite, providing maximum capacity in a very small space. Top comfort plus reduced operating costs also saves real money at the same time. In addition, attractive and highly convenient LTG air diffusers in combination with air distribution products ensure an agreeable room climate plus energy-efficient operation.

LTG offers the right solution in every field of air-conditioning for hotels and restaurants:
The flexible and efficient LTG air-water systems can be used everywhere and can be optimally controlled using matching LTG control technology. The compact ceiling induction unit HFFsuite designed specially for hotel air-conditioning and featuring LTG Induction technology fits even into the narrowest corridor. Since no fan is needed, this concept works practically noiselessly, and thanks to the optimised and very comfortable room flow it complies in the bed area too with Category B as per DIN 7730. The omission of any rotating and electric parts also allows maintenance costs to be reduced considerably and a saving of up to 40 W per room to be achieved. Like the proven fan coil units VKB for floor installatiion, it provides hotel rooms with efficient, comfortable and quiet air-conditioning.

For optimum fresh air supply, we recommend visually attractive LTG air diffusers as highly inductive linear diffusers with LTG System clean®, visually inobtrusive swirl/ceiling diffusers (LTG AirPanel) for suspended ceilings, or individualised special diffusers – to match any interior design.

Thanks to LTG SystemDesign, all visible floor components are available with the same visual appearance regardless of system.

Precise LTG air distribution components such as flow rate controllers VRE in round and rectangular designs – also with LTG System ActiveControl and as a dual controller VRD for supply air and return air control in parallel-routed air lines – or pressure controller DRE/F and valves and accessories ensure an optimally matched ventilation system and energy-efficient operation.

For special comfort requirements and system solutions, we also offer room flow tests as part of our LTG engineering services.

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For an ideal climate concept and the highest possible security for your planning and investment we are at your side with our Engineering Services. We support you with:

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Innovative air flows

  • LTG mixed/displacement ventilation: Builds on the benefits of displacement air ventilation to achieve high cooling capacities and excellent thermal comfort even in very deep rooms.
  • LTG System Indivent: Displacement air ventilation turned on its head: outstanding comfort thanks to a combination of mixed and displacement air ventilation delivered from the ceiling
  • LTG SmartFlow: Energy-efficient on-demand ventilation and optimised comfort thanks to the load-adaptive control of the induction ratio in induction units
  • LTG TransientFlow: Transient and highly inductive pulse ventilation for high thermal comfort combined with exceptional energy efficiency.

Energy-efficient techniques

  • LTG demand-controlled ventilation: Active control from within the room of the required outside air volume and minimised energy costs for air conveyance and preparation.
  • LTG hybrid ventilation: Simple combination of mechanical and natural ventilation designed to minimise energy costs and increase the maximum available cooling capacity
  • LTG direct induction: Induction method using decentralised supplied air units to go beyond the physically possible cooling capacity.
  • LTG ActiveControl: Volume flow control with map-based control and minimal pressure loss. High precision, in particular in low volume flows.

Innovative product design

  • LTG SystemDesign: All floor units and floor-mounted air diffusers have a uniform appearance irrespective of their function or system
  • LTG System clean: In LDB linear air diffusers, a narrow air screen flows along the ceiling to prevent soiling and to minimise renovation and cleaning costs.
  • LTG SilentModule: A modular system for air boxes that can be adapted for use in different wall and ceiling structures and are pre-equipped with cross-talk sound attenuators.
  • LTG AirPanel: Invisible air outlet for integration into metal or plasterboard ceilings
  • LTG Eco2School: The innovative complete system for school ventilation. An external air grille for supplied and return air, thermal comfort without secondary heating, plug-and-play
  • LTG PulseVentilation system: Decentralised and non-stationary air conditioning, cost-effectively implemented using one of the oldest concepts in the world: breathing.

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